February 2018

As of the 1st of Feb 2018 Bonita Beauty have increased our prices! It has been one year, 9 months since our last price increase and it will be another year before we adjust in reflection with our suppliers!!

Most of our services have only increased by 50p or £1.

Shellac has increased by £2 per service, however we have created a discounted price for those clients who like shellac fingers & toes applied!!

Our Calgel Nail services are the treatments that have seen the biggest increase. Our regular clients will see the change of £38 for a Calgel maintenance instead of £35 for their regular nail appointments. We are sorry to have to increase the price however we love to continue to provide our clients with a fabulous product that see’s most of our clients through an entire month! Sadly some nails depending on clients prior nail condition or daily tasks may need attention after 3 weeks however we love to see you return to create some fresh glossy gorgeous nails that last and are wearable for everyone’s busy lives! The product speaks for itself and to continue to provide it we needed to increase our pricing structure!!

All our prices are up to date on our website and welcome any questions if anything confuses anyone!

Our diary is currently open until the end of April and we are encouraging all our regular clients to do as usual and book ahead to secure your favourite slots! When we open our diary for summer months we shall update everyone via social media to allow everyone a fir chance to secure any summer beauty requests!

Much Love BB xx