Bonita Beauty is proud to use the incredible Calgel, designed with the natural nail in mind this gel system protects and improves the condition of your nails with no need for primers or base gels! Looking to lengthen natural nails our enhancements will do just that, the unique gel is used by our Bonita Therapists to sculpture nails building shape & length directly on your natural nails. Calgel’s flexible nature acts as a shock absorber reducing the risk of chipping & cracking. Incredibly hard wearing and porous means no break from Calgel is actually required, regular infill’s or maintenance treatments of professional soak offs and reapplications are recommended. With a wide range of coloured gels available the finished result and design means you have endless options! A soak off in salon allows the gel to lift of the nail plate meaning the condition of the natural nail will either be improved or remain as strong and hydrated (providing they were in a good condition to begin with).

Calgel nails is one of our most popular treatments at Bonita Beauty we recommend you book in advance and schedule maintenance appointments when leaving the salon after your nail appointment!

Calgel Clear Natural Nail Overlay
A thin layer of clear Calgel is applied to your natural nail to protect and encourage length & strength for future nail growth! Fabulous for nail biters or someone looking to grow and enhance their nails without attracting attention with a colour. You can paint over this system with nail varnish and safely remove with non-acetone nail varnish remover!

Calgel Coloured Gel Natural Nail Overlay
Two thin layers of coloured Calgel are applied to your natural nails to provide chip free high shine coloured polish for up to 3 weeks! Simple nail art on two nails is included in price!

Calgel Natural Sculptures
Using a nail form our Calgel pro’s shall sculpture all 10 nails into a natural nail shape of almond, squared, rounded or squoval (mixture of both squared and rounded). This is ideal for nail biters to encourage nail growth or for someone looking to slightly lengthen the natural nail and perfect the shape to ensure all 10 are equal! The finished nails shall look natural in length & shape & can be painted with any desired colour! Simple nail art on 2 nails is included in this price.

Calgel Sculptures
Using our nail form to sculpture a slightly longer length & optional shape of Pointed/Stiletto, Almond, Coffin/Ballerina these nail extensions will stand out and make a statement! Following a lot of celebrity nail trends these are incredibly popular and can be as creative or classic as you like! Simple nail art such as glitter or shimmered additives are included in this service on up to 4 nails! An infill is recommended after 3 weeks to sharpen the shape and change colour!

Calgel Maintenance
Recommended around 3-6 weeks depending on nail length & condition, our Calgel Pro shall recommend your maintenance appointment when leaving the salon after first time application! Our Calgel pro shall perform a nail tidy with basic manicure and reapplication of clear gel or coloured Calgel!

Nail Art with Calgel
Nail art options at Bonita are endless we love being creative and making your nails unique and stand out, we like photographs and screenshots of nail art ideas to follow or recreate! Nail art must be quoted when booking nail services as additional timing may be required!
Glitter, Nail Foil & Additives (slight sparkle or shimmer) are all classed as ‘simple nail art’ and are included in the prices as above, additional nails or nail art extra options are prices as….

Glitter, Foil or Additives on extra nails / ADD 50p per nail
Glitter, Foil or Additive on all 10 nails / ADD £2.50
Gems & Nail Decals sealed with clear gel / £1 per nail
Striping Tape sealed with clear gel / £1 per nail
Ombre (colour fade) / 50p per nail
3D Nail Gems / £1 per nail
Hand drawn nail art / £1 per nail

Calgel Soak Off
For a safe, effective & minimal damage nail removal we recommend a professional removal by our Calgel pro’s using a soak off solution to dissolve the nails followed by a nail tidy, conditioning nail and cuticle oil plus an express hand massage!

Nail Repair
For sometimes disasters do happen! A whole nail reapplied or re-sculpted!
£5 single nail, £2.50 nail therafter

Silk Nail Repair
Using a combination of Calgel & silk this will hold a crack or split in the nail together, the magic combination will allow the nail to grow without having to take the length down to the disaster area especially if its below the free edge (white line)!
£5 single nail or 50p included in any Calgel service!

Twinkle Toes
Looking to add a bit sparkle into your life our Twinkle Toes will catch anyone’s attention. Choose from many subtle, to bright glitters or even UV Glow in the dark glitters! Pure glitter combined with Calgel these twinkle toes are fabulous for holidays, special occasions and last around 4-6weeks. Prepare to become addicted!