Our fabulous tanning range Naturasun is a firm favourite with our clients returning for their fake tan fix! The Naturasun blend contains 100% natural pomegranate anti-oxidents, added moisturiser for longer lasting results (around 5-8 days depending on colour choice), paraben and alcohol free! The special formula allows for even coverage that develops 12 hours after application and with 8 colour combination options you can create the perfect look using one solution alone or mixing shades!

Our private spray tan room is fabulous, spacious and allows you a minute or two to dry before dashing out in your comfortable “tan developing clothes”! We recommend you come in loose dark clothing, thankfully our tanning range does not stain however it may mark (until washed) lighter clothing! It is possible to wear jeans or tight clothing but its pretty awkward trying to put on tight items of clothing whilst sliglty “tacky” straight after application…so bring along your tracksuit or shorts for comfort.

Full Body Spray Tan

Quick Developing “Tropical Truffle”
This tan can be applied and washed off after only 60minutes! Although through trial in salon by our Bonita Therapists we recommend 2-3 hours for a medium glow, or 4-5 for a darker glow this tan can be applied and washed off slightly quicker than our regular blends!

Full Body Quick Developing Tan

Some Spray Tan Do’s, Don’ts & Extra Info…
Sticky feet to prevent tan from staining the soles & Hair nets are provided!
Exfoliation is advisable for dry skins 24 hours prior to your spray tan!
Moisturiser should not be applied pre tan application
Deodorant can be worn, this may cause a slight green tinge to underarms however this washes off with your colour guide and develops as normal!
Moisturising post tan enhances the colour and allows for natural fading when the colour starts to wear off!